Digital Tenancy Agreement Draft

Real estate investors can use the services of an agency to simply find a tenant, sign the lease and manage the rental from A to Z through a service contract. Either way, your client expects you to be professional and get the job done well, but also quickly. Whether small or large, your business can differentiate itself from real estate agents and real estate managers by focusing on the quality of its work and reducing travel times. The electronic signature allows you to shorten the time between the agreement on the terms of the rental agreement (with specific clauses, if any) and the signing of the lease. Too often, the rental agreement between the tenant and the lessor or their representative is signed in person. A “physical” meeting can be difficult to organize given the busy schedule of both parties. British law is based on precedents set by hundreds of years of case law defining the scope and importance of legal practice. New technologies are trying to confuse and undermine it. Without clear case law, most landlords don`t want to take the risk of using a digital signature, for fear of facing a long-running battle in court, which includes both time and money they don`t have. With regard to a simple contract that would involve a guaranteed short-term rental agreement, held for a maximum period of three years (whether or not the lessee has the power to extend the term), the best rent that can reasonably be obtained, without taking a fine1 as acceptable for the electronic signature: For a landlord with several properties, it allows it to manage all of these properties simply digitally, without the need for a multitude of paperwork….