Vivo Account Service Agreement

“support services,” support and maintenance services provided or provided by the provider in accordance with Schedule 1; 1. Visit our official website: Select your region and enter your email account> click Next>Touch “Send” to get the confirmation code> enter the code and set your Vivo account password. In addition to our employees, contractors or consultants who are our agents or work on our behalf or on behalf of us, by outsourcing services, products, processes or business policy activities, we must act on our behalf in a manner consistent with this privacy policy. Contractors or independent consultants are informed of the privacy policy, as it applies to our employees, potential customers and/or their counterparts. Joint venture companies that are not under our control are encouraged by VE to apply similar data protection practices and standards, in accordance with various data protection laws within the country. 6.6. to defend or settle, at your choice, any claim or action against the customer who claims that the use of the services or software (or part of it) is provided for as part of the contract and is used within the framework of the SLT granted to the client; the intellectual property rights of a third party, provided that (i) this allegation of infringement (a) is not due to use other than that of the contract and that the LTC is linked to one or more services that are not provided by Vivo, or (b) the use of a long-term publication of the software and (ii) that the Vivo client, in the context of defending such a right, has appropriate communication and cooperation with that claim, no authorization or regulation regarding that claim and that Vivo directs and controls that defence. (a) the agreement and acceptable use policy referred to in this agreement constitute the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of the agreement, and that they relay all previous agreements, agreements and arrangements between the parties with respect to this matter; and the contract consists of these STCs, SOF and additional terms of use (“Terms of Use”) (“contract”). For the purposes of the contract, the customer refers to anyone who uses the services provided by Vivo, including, but not limited to (i) the company that signs the contract (ii) any person designated by the customer, para. B example an agent, an agent, a subcontractor, an advisor who leads or participates in a conference, whether that person has a relationship with the client (the “client”).