Big Red Drum Entertainment: Seeing A Better World Through Music

Big Red Drum Entertainment ~ One of our passions is to see a better world through music. 

At Big Red Drum Entertainment, as much as we love helping advance the music of the independent artist, we equally take great pride in helping our community and fellow man. We are happy to help in many great causes throughout the year. One of our passions is to see a better world through music. We actively pursue helping many benefit opportunities through musical efforts. Our musicians and staff are some of the most big-hearted human beings.

At the root of it all, stands The Great American Boxcar Charity. When completed, the GABCharity will be a fully-recognized 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping others. It will be a two-part charity. One half of the charity will be a fund established with helping others in times of need during disasters, benefits, or with other charitable organizations. The other half of the charity will be a music scholarship program for youth designed to advance the education of students interested in a musical-related field of study. The GABCharity was established by The Great American Boxcar Chorus and has since been overtaken through guidance from a board of directors. Big Red Drum has been happy to have an integral part of both the inception and advancement of this organization.

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