Editor’s Note

A big Texas welcome to our very first issue of Bridge The Beats Magazine!

We couldn’t be more excited to be launching our magazine. Our goal is to have a multi-genre publication that gives our readers an insight into more than one style of music. We also want to showcase music in a way that our readers can see the gap between the different genres could be smaller than most realize. There will be articles on Artists submitted and reviewed and at least one Artist will be highlighted of different genres each month for you to enjoy.
Peruse the articles on the table of contents to choose which to read first. Just as with a print magazine, you may want to sit and read the whole thing at once, or come back to this issue several times to digest the articles more slowly.

When we set out to create an on-line magazine that would promote music, one thing we agreed on right away was to steer-away from the glossy images of the too-perfect, product-driven magazines that we all sometimes read. What you will find in the pages of Bridge The Beats Magazine is a collection of inspired and heart-felt articles written by real, honest, down-to-earth people who work hard in the music industry, but who are not afraid to admit the struggles we sometimes face. We don’t always have an opportunity to see that person or their end of the industry from the perspective of someone doing that job. We will do our best to bridge the beat of the music industry and show opinions from different perspectives.

We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people.

We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Bridge The Beats Magazine.

With music in mind, thank you,
Ellen Massey, Editor