From the Publisher

Dillon Steen ~ So let’s talk a minute about social media….oh how much fun it can be…or not.

“Bridge The Beats”….kind of paints a mental image for you doesn’t it? I know it did for me as my staff and I talked about the vision and direction we wanted to head. Good music knows no state boundaries, nor does it only cover one genre. There are also so many people involved in the music business who are “behind the scenes” people. However, every person involved is integral to making it all work. So “Bridge The Beats” to me is a small insight to the different pieces and parts that help the puzzle come together. Our idea and hope is that this magazine will create bridges that will aid all of us in coming together with the music and for the music.

I will admit… I was hesitant to do this magazine. I did not want anyone thinking that we have spent countless hours on this to only highlight artists that work with Steen Entertainment LLC in one fashion or another. I even kept it somewhat “secretive” for a bit that I was even involved because I did not want a preconceived notion of the magazine out there. In the end though I knew that I was just going to have to do things the way I have always done them…with a lot of faith. People are going to think what they are going to think…but I truly believe that once you all read the magazine….you will see it is not about SE…it is about music. Now is that to say that some SE artists won’t be in the magazine from time to time? Heck no it does not mean that! My staff and I work with incredible artists that we are proud of…so of course there will be SE artists in the magazine from time to time. It will not be constant though, as we are not running the magazine that way. Although it is under the Steen Entertainment LLC “umbrella” it is a separate entity and will be treated as such.

I am blessed to have an amazing staff of people working on this magazine. Combined there is over 30 years of print publication experience on this staff. There are many more years than that of music loving experience. All of us, with the exception of one, have experience in the music industry in one form or another. All of us that have the experience are also still working in the industry every day, one reason this magazine will only be published once a month. Does that make us experts on everything? No it doesn’t….and we were smart enough to know that. While you read “Bridge The Beats” you will read articles written by the true experts in this industry. I felt it was imperative to go straight to the people who are the professionals in their fields to get an accurate insight into each one. So I am eternally grateful for every person that has contributed to this magazine and those that will in the future. Without you all our impact would not have near the reach nor meaning.

This magazine will not be perfect, it will probably not make everyone happy, but I promise you that it will be the best that we can make it . My staff and I are dedicated to making this a well rounded magazine for all to enjoy. Always feel free to contact me at with any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns….it might take me an hour or so to get back to you…but I can promise you that I will. This magazine is for YOU…the reader…whoever YOU might be it is for you.

I would like to take this moment to thank my wife and family for their unending support of everything I do. Thank you to my 4 legged kids for being my sounding board and the unconditional love at the end of the day that only a wagging tail or a soft purr can give you. Thank you to the most amazing staff of people that a man walking this earth has ever had the pleasure of working with…they are not just staff they are my friends..and they give me more of their time than they should. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or took time to be interviewed, etc…you are a part of this. A huge thank you to the Good Lord above for letting me wake up every morning and live my dream. The biggest thank you of all though goes to each of you reading this….I hope we serve you well.

Here’s to the dreamers.

Dillon A. Steen, Publisher