Jason Elmore Defines Diversity

Jason Elmore ~ When most artist classify themselves in one genre or another it’s really refreshing that Jason actually just calls his music “American Music”.

Any artist that has musical diversity is always been something that I have loved. Not every artist can adapt to different genres, always giving the audience what they want to hear, but those that can….really can. If they want to hear country, blues, rock…doesn’t matter what people ask for, those artists can make it work to please the crowd every time.

One artist in particular that has this talent is Dallas singer/songwriter Jason Elmore of Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch. Elmore who was voted ‘Best Blues’ 2012 by the Dallas Observer Music Awards, has a knack of turning heads with his crowd-pleasing guitar licks and vocals. He definitely brings together a wide variety of music with his performances. They combine blues, rock, soul and vintage country. With his unending talent and this sound, regardless of a live full band gig or acoustic, fans of all genres of music will instantly become fans of more…Elmore. Let me give you a little insight into the great musical career of Jason Elmore and what he has to offer you the fans. I believe that afterward you will find yourself drawn to the wonder and want to check them out.


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