Richie Allbright

Richie Allbright ~ Some might say it’s “Honky Tonk Music" or maybe ”Outlaw” or “Texas Music". Everyone has a different definition of what those two things are today. "Country” is close enough for me.

So you say that authentic country music is dead or it has become watered down.  You say there is no true art in the music anymore…. well you would be wrong. Let me introduce you to Texas singer and songwriter, Richie Allbright. Allbright has a unique sound that can be defined as real, raw and honest. His southern drawl combined with honest real life lyrics are a match made in Heaven. Lyrics like:

Well, I’ve been in love and I’ve had broken hearts
I’ve got it together and I’ve fallen apart
I’ve danced with the devil and I’ve reached for the stars
But nobody told me, it was gonna be this hard…

are from real life experiences that all of us can relate to. If you are a fan of Paycheck, Jennings, and George Jones then this is right up your alley. “Kickin’ Down The Doors,” his last cd release, features an insight into the trials and tribulations of a man who is not afraid to openly share his life story and is proud of his “Traditional Sound”.  Let’s meet the Country Troubadour Richie Allbright.

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