Roots: Never Leave Here A Stranger

Roots ~ It's always been my goal for Roots to have that friendly neighborhood bar, "Cheers" if you will, feel to it. 

(Publishers Note: Roots is in the process of building an outdoor stage and they also have a guest cabin on site available for nightly rental, along with a patio that’s great for booking your special events. I myself walked into Roots a few years back as a stranger and was immediately welcomed…even by Matilda….I remain friends with all to this day!)

When I was asked to write this article, I was more than happy to share my story of Roots. Since the name was the actual beginning of it all, and the question has been asked many times, “how did you come up with that particular name”, let me explain that first.

The idea of a live music venue had been a vision in my head,for quite some time,before it became an actual business. I have long been a fan of live music, and I’m not talking about the big concert productions, but the artists you happen upon in life’s ventures, an unplanned visit to nowhere in particular, a visit to a local bar, a village festival, or even a street corner. Many of these musicians don’t fit in any specific music genre, but encompass a variety of styles, i.e. “roots” music. It was like a bell went off in my head, that’s the perfect name!!! Of course, the way my logo is designed, most people are under the impression that it means my roots are in Texas, or more specific, Strawn, Texas which is appropriate also, but not the original idea.

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