Social Media: Help or Hamper?

Dillon Steen ~ So let’s talk a minute about social media….oh how much fun it can be…or not.

Social Media….Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. etc. etc….we all use them, if not all of them at least one of them.  Part of these social media sites can of course include ReverbNation, Bands In Town and those sorts of digital sites also.  They can be a great help as a marketing tool, but should never be used as the only marketing tool.  However, what should and should not be used as marketing tools could be an entire article on it’s own and not exactly what I am trying to discuss in this one.

So let’s talk a minute about social media….oh how much fun it can be…or not.  The electronic/digital age that we all live now has somewhat desensitized all of us to true human emotion and reality.  When you log in to your favorite site during the day you are seeing just what everyone else on that site wants you to see.  Not always a true picture of the person. Not always a true picture at all.

I am going to use my friend Rita Ballou here as an example.  Now we ALL know Rita Ballou.  She’s sarcastic, she’s crass, she is obsessed with her hair and her weenie dogs….oh and she has a husband that should be playing in the major leagues.  I would venture to guess that most people that are “friends” with Rita on social media are not friends that have sat in her house and had supper with her.  No, we all started out following Rita and her blog Rawhide and Velvet because she said stuff out loud that all of us were thinking.  We cringed at some things she would say and we would belly laugh at others.  I’ll be honest, when I first started reading her blogs I thought “Damn!  Pretty hateful woman right here.”  I don’t know how or when but somehow I started getting to know the real person.  Yeah Rita is all of what I described, and she intended it that way, but Crystal is someone else.  This is not to say that there isn’t some of Rita in Crystal and vice versa…but they are different also.  You see, what is put out in the public eye is what she wants us all to know (or believe) but it is not a 100% picture of the true whole person.

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