Sublet Rental Agreement Ontario

4. The House may set the terms of the transfer or sub-document. 2006, about 17, 98 (4). You must obtain your landlord`s permission to sublet your place to a particular person. But your landlord can`t refuse without good reason. For example, if that person has caused problems to a landlord in the past, such as.B. Property damage or non-payment Rent (4) If a tenant sublet a rental unit to another person, 1. Order that assignment or under-performance is allowed. (b) the tenant asks the lessor for permission to transfer the rental unit and the lessor does not respond within seven days of the application being accepted; 5. When an order is placed in accordance with paragraphs 1 or 2 of the third paragraph, the transfer or sub-distribution has the same legal effect as if the lessor had approved it.

2006, about 17, 98 (5). (4) The occupancy of a rental unit is considered an assignment of the rental unit with the agreement of the lessor from the day the unauthorized occupation began, if you wish to leave your place for a certain period of time, and then reintegrate it later, subletting it to another during your absence. The person you sublet is called a subtenant. If a tenant wants to sublet his unit, it requires the written agreement of the owner. Owners cannot refuse an application for over-indebtedness unduly. This means that a landlord who decides to refuse a subtenant must have a good reason to do so. If the landlord refuses the subletting to the tenant or does not respond to the request within seven days, the tenant can ask the landlord and the tenant council if the subletting is authorized. 98. (1) A tenant or former tenant of a rental unit may apply to the board for an order finding that the lessor arbitrarily or inappropriately refused consent to the transfer or subletting of a rental unit to a potential assignee or subtenant.

2006, about 17, 98 (1). (8) When a tenant has assigned a rental unit to another person, the tenancy agreement continues to apply under the same conditions and, when a tenant sublets or cedes his unit without the landlord`s consent, it is considered an unauthorized transfer or sublease. In this case, a lessor can file a petition with the House to have the tenant and the unauthorized occupier evicted. However, if the landlord does not file the application within 60 days of the unauthorized occupier`s discovery, the unauthorized occupant becomes a tenant. 100. (1) When a tenant transfers the occupancy of one rental unit to another Under a section 95 authorized assignment or a sublease authorized under Section 97, the lessor may apply to the board of directors for an order to cease the lease and evict the tenant and the person to whom the occupancy of the rental unit has been entrusted. 2006, about 17, 1 percent (1). It is preferable to conclude this agreement in writing.

If your contract with your subtenant does not have a specific end date, you may lose your right to re-enter one day. If your landlord does not let you underlease, you can ask the landlord and tenant council for permission to sublet or terminate your tenancy agreement.